What sort of support tickets can I submit?
Posted by Brett Cashen on 06 January 2017 09:14 pm

You do not require a login to submit a new support ticket. If you are using this support system it is because your project is outsi of any support or warranty period. We have provided this site to allow past clients a means of obtaining historical project files in case they have misplaced their copy and to point users or newly contracted devlopers in the right direction if taking on new design or development work.

This service is provided free or charge and Ice-Cream Media reserve the right to close this website at our own discretion and without notice.

Some examples for the sort of questions this website is intended for is:

  • Can you send me a copy of the original creation files of my business cards?
  • What CMS did you use to build my website?
  • I never received or have misplaced my login for my website.

Some examples of questions where we might direct you elsewhere or not reply to:

  • My email works on my phone but not on my PC. (Contact your hosting provider or (more likely) an IT technician)
  • My website is down. (Contact your hosting provider)
  • I need to update a photo on my website. (Either check instructions in the knowledgebase or engage a designer)
  • I want new features added to my website. (Engage a developer)
  • Something that was working on my website has stopped working. (Engage a developer, you may have updated a file but not the associated software)

As a general rule you can save yourself a lot of touble with two simple rules:

  1. Always try refreshing your cache when you have a problem with your website -
  2. Don't make changes to core files (including updates) if you don't know what you are doing - engage a professional.